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1st June, 2009 - XIII Games of the Small States of Europe (Nicosia, Cyprus)

By bkalsi | May 30, 2009

Mario Frangoulis will sing at the opening ceremony of the XIII Games of the Small States of Europe on Monday 1st June, 2009 in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The Ambassador of Peace for WCCCI will sing the official anthem of the Games which was originally written by Cypriot composer Vasos Argyrides and the lyrics were by Bampis Anayiotos.

Mario was honored to be chosen to sing at the opening ceremony, and expressed his enthusiasm at being part of such an amazing event. Understanding how sport has a positive impact in creating national unity and fostering goodwill, Mario felt that this was a great opportunity to also drive the message through to children on how sport and peace are so critical in creating a better world.

From Betty Williams and her WCCCI team, we wish all the contestants a wonderful games, and we pray that the Small States of Europe join together and share a greater understanding of how together, we can show the rest of the world that we can also live in Peace.

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