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23rd May, 2009: With open arms we will change the world (Palermo, Italy)

By bkalsi | May 21, 2009

Thousands of students will take part in a rally to demonstrate their fight against Mafia domination. On 23rd May, 2009, a ship will set sail from Napoli to Palermo where students will come together and hug their peers to open a day which marks the XVII anniversary of the Capaci massacre.

The primary focus of the day will be to debate, among other issues, the setting up of an economic fabric, free from influence, and ready to face the challenges generated by today’s economic climate where we can still develop opportunities for the future.

The event is being organized by the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research, as well as the Giovanni e Francesca Falcone Foundation.

Students will enter the bunker courtroom of the Ucciardone prison where the President of the Italian Republic, Mr. Giorgio Napolitano will deliver his welcoming speech. He will initially address the commitment to continue fighting Mafia and to ensure we remember the victims of the Capaci massacre.

Other speakers at the debate will include Mrs Mariastella Gelmini (Minister), Mr Angelino Alfano (Minister of Justice), Mr Pietro Grasso (Chief Prosecutor of the National Anti-Mafia Bureau), Mrs Emma Marcegaglia (President of the General Confederation of the Italian Industry), Mr Francesco Messineo (Public Prosecutor of Palermo), and Betty Williams (Nobel Peace Laureate and Founder of World Centers of Compassion for Children International).

Students / delegates will have the opportunity to travel to four different places in Palermo which, thanks to the efforts of local schools, will become Villages of Lawfulness where students from all over Italy will have the opportunity to meet and be connected via satellite to the bunker courtroom.

23rd May will become an annual symbol by the people within Palermo and Italy as the day they remember the massacre, but more importantly, their strength and commitment to fight Mafia domination. Students will gather each year to participate in an event which will symbolize their desire for the need to build and fulfill their ambition without limitation.

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