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5th March, 2009 - Women’s World Awards (Vienna, Austria)

By bkalsi | March 10, 2009

The Women’s World Awards ceremony held in Vienna, Austria on 5th March, 2009 was a tremendous success for all the recipients. This was an opportunity for extraordinary women to finally receive global recognition for their achievements.

Betty Williams received the Women’s World Achievement Award to a standing ovation. She thanked the audience and the Women’s World Awards for their gift.

In her thank you speech, Betty highlighted the ongoing work to support and protect children in dangerous situations. Having travelled the world for the last 30 years, and listening to the horror that children have been subjected to, Betty created the Universal Declaration of Rights for Children which is a direct reflection of their needs and their voice. She read the Declaration to the captivated audience, and you too can read a copy by going to the tab Our Work.

More highlights from the Awards ceremony will be provided in the next few weeks, including a blog from Betty. In the meantime, please check out the following link to the Women’s World Awards (http://www.womensworldawards.com/main.asp) and a video that quickly highlights some of the moments (http://www.vimeo.com/3554323) from the ceremony.

There is also a blog from Bobby Kalsi, VP Operations Lead for WCCCI, who attended the Awards ceremony with Betty, and it is available to read under the Your Voice tab and In Your Own Words.

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