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5th March, 2009 - Betty Williams to receive the Women’s World Achievement Award in Vienna, Austria

By bkalsi | February 14, 2009

Betty Williams is to receive the Women’s World Achievement Award in Vienna, Austria on 5th March, 2009. Georg Kindel, Chairman and Founder of The World Awards stated that the World Award’s Committee had based its decision on her extraordinary humanitarian and philanthropic efforts, which have not only helped many children around the globe but also serve as an inspiration to people around the world.


The Women’s World Awards will be presented in 12 different categories to extraordinary women from throughout the world whose achievements contribute to furthering self-determination, gender equality, freedom and the elimination of all forms of social and economic discrimination.


The categories for the awards include; World Achievement Award, World Tolerance Award, World Social Award, World Arts Award, World Future Award, World Actress Award, World Entertainment Award, World Media Award, World Fashion Award, World Charity Award, World Business Award, and Woman of the Year Award.


For further information on the World Awards, please visit the following website:




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