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Free The Children and We Day Toronto – 30th September, 2010

By admin | October 23, 2010

Imagine being in a stadium with the energy from 18,000 enthusiastic young people. Those 18,000 enthusiastic young people are also change makers, and they are the generation we have been waiting for.

From across the Americas they filled the Air Canada Center on September 30th, 2010 for We Day and they were ready to “Be The Change.” We Day was created by Free The Children to celebrate the power of young people to make a positive change and was a day-long event that starts a year-long program for change called We Schools in Action.

Betty Williams was one of the activists asked to appear in Toronto together with an unmatched line-up of global leaders, social activists, cultural icons and entertainers to inspire young people to take action.

As a member of the We Day Peace Panel, Betty Williams joined Dr. Abuelaish and Michel Chikwanine to talk about a common thread that brought them together on this day of awakening; War and Conflict.

Dr. Abuelaish spoke about his three daughters dying in a bomb blast in Gaza and how it affected his life. Betty Williams spoke about how she saw the death of three children in Northern Ireland which led her to become the cofounder of Community of Peace People and help bring peace to the country. And Michel spoke about how as a young boy in the Congo he was enlisted as a child solider and made to kill his best friend.

All three speakers brought the reality of an unjust world to the 18,000 young people in the stadium and also to millions who watched the live broadcast. To see the broadcast, go to CTV to watch the We Day Peace Panel.

Please also see the photos in our Photo Gallery

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