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By admin | August 13, 2008

President De Filippo announced in a press conference in Rome in December that they were funding the First Center in the Basilicata Region. Plans are now underway to complete the Foundation of management and launch this first Center.

January 30th 2007: During a visit of Betty Williams to Basilicata, it was announced by Vito De Filippo the President of the Region, that within the Monastery of Santa Maria D’orsoleo a Sant’Arcangelo in Val D’Agri, WCCC International will have an official seat, devoted to peace formation and that the Basilicata Region will sustain the organization of the Second Summit - Mothers of the Earth for World Peace

Summer 2008: WCCCI announces its first global sponsors: Eli Lilly Italia, Jaguar Sports, White Flash Diamonds and Mario Frangoulis. Each of these outstanding organizations will be sharing proceeds of initiatives in 2008-2009 to support the work of the organization.

May 15, 2008: The US organization takes root and announces its new operating team. WCCC-US is incorporated in Massachusetts, under the leadership of Tony Dunkel, President of the US operation. The team is focusing on fundraising, education, and promotion of the rights of the child, including the promotion of the Declaration of Rights for Children.

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