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23rd July, 2009 – Visions for a Sustainable World (Vienna, Austria)

By bkalsi | July 22, 2009

Betty Williams will be taking part in the first awards ceremony to honor individuals and organizations chartered to promote a sustainable world in Vienna on Thursday 23rd July and Friday 24th July, 2009.

The World Awards (founded and headed by the wonderful Georg Kindel) are organizing the awards ceremony to bring this critical cause to the world’s attention. The expected media coverage will be seen by millions of people, and the greatest reward will be that the world listens and takes note of this crucial topic.

Prior to the awards ceremony, the Sustainable World Congress will hold a number of sessions covering topics such as:

- Climate and Environment
- Economy and Development
- Health and Society
- Politics and Human Rights
- Concluding Panel Discussion – Yes We Can? Visions for a Sustainable World

Betty Williams has been invited to speak with Georg Kindel and Erwin Proll (Governor, Lower Austria) at the Welcoming and Official Opening to the two day event.

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