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5th June, 2009 - History was made today

By bkalsi | June 7, 2009

Betty William’s has always had a dream …. a dream to help refugee children seeking shelter in safe zones countries to be housed, nurtured and educated. Through the Cities of Peace for Children, the main focus of WCCCI has been to find a country where we could build a city and give children hope. Hope to believe that there is a possibility to live a life and feel accepted by humanity. Understanding that these children have no home, Betty has fought for over 30 years to see each child has their right to be considered a valued human being.


And her dream has come true.


Through the compassion of the Italian people, the first city is about to open its doors to refugee children in the region of Basilicata. With the strength and determination of Betty Williams, Rusti Findley, Laura Kiss and Enzo Curzo, WCCCI has created history with the first charity to also have a working foundation run the first City of Peace for Children.


On 5th June, 2009, Betty was in Basilicata with the wonderful Vito de Filippo (President of Basilicata), Salvatore Iacobellis (Mayor of Scanzano Jonico), Domenico Esposito (Mayor of Sant’Arcangelo), and other notable guests to sign the papers and official create a foundation that would run the City of Peace for Children in Basilicata.


Known as Città della Pace Basilicata ONLUS Foundation (CDP ONLUS), the foundation is now legally operational, and ready to run the daily activities in Basilicata.


To all who have been involved with creating this historic moment, we thank you with all our hearts. Humanity will look to this event, and will see the amazing people who took one small step forward in changing the lives of children who reached out their hands for help, and found the love of the Italian people.


(Please check out the photo gallery for pictures from the signing ceremony.)

 Betty Williams with Vito de Fillippo
Betty Williams with Vito de Fillippo

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One Response to “5th June, 2009 - History was made today”

  1. Stephanie Heuer Says:
    June 11th, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    Dearest Betty, Rusti, Bobby and all.

    Congratulations! My heart is full. Your dream is our dream, the world’s dream. A dreamable dream. You have made such a difference in this world, and I hope to help and contribute the rest of my life. I give that commitment to you, Dear Betty, Rusti, for your strength, energy, and caring of the children of the world - Thank you!

    Much love and peace,
    Dignity does Rock!


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