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World Centers of Compassion for Children International

Basilicata Region, Italy
First Center of Compassion for Children

Italy has shown great hospitality, generosity, and compassion by providing a home for our first Center of Compassion for Children and the need for legislative rights for children.

This Center will be the proud model as we impart peace education and build Centers around the world impacting countless children.

The Journey to Begin the First Center of Compassion in Basilicata, Italy

November 2003 – during a protest to stop the legislative proposal for installing a European Nuclear Waste Plant in Italy’s Basilicata region, Betty Williams petitioned for the land to be used instead for the construction of the first Center of Peace for the Children of the World.

December 2003 – 100,000 Euro were allocated from the 2004 Regional Budget for a feasibility study of the proposed project. Read more

September 22-24th, 2006 – during the First International Summit of Mothers of the Earth for World Peace funds were raised for the Centers of Peace for Children Project in Basilicata and the first Education to Peace courses for Teachers were promoted.

January 30th, 2007 – the President of the Basilicata Region Vito De Filippo announced that WCCCI will have an official seat, devoted to peace formation within the Monastery of Santa Maria D'orsoleo a Sant'Arcangelo in Val D'Agri.

June 25th, 2007 – the first seat (permanent residence) of WCCCI was officially inaugurated inside the Palazzo Baronale of Scanzano Jonico and the first peace courses are held for teachers in Basilicata.

July 2007– the feasibility study for the Center of Compassion For Children was completed.

November 19th, 2007 – the Lucania Regional Council approves an allocation of 4.4 million Euro for the 1st Center of Compassion for Children.

Recent Examples of Other Compassionate Acts by Italy
Italy is the first country to forgive the debts of poverty-stricken countries that owed them vast amounts of money. In 2003, Italy passed legislation specifically protecting the rights of children and giving them a political voice. Italy was the first country to do so.

Italy has the courage to help needy nations and recognize the need for legislative protection for children. Now they also lead the way by hosting the creation of the first Center of Compassion.

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