“The ability to accept an individual as an equal is about free thinking. Education should not categorize and define each form through historical learning patterns. It should be about accepting the uniqueness of each form and embracing the diversified pattern that weaves through this world to develop an open mind.”

World Centers of Compassion for Children International

Ambassador of Peace

Mario Frangoulis and Mrs. Betty Williams

Mario Frangoulis

The World Centers of Compassion for Children has a specially elected Ambassador of Peace. Mario Frangoulis is a world acclaimed Greek tenor. He has starred in numerous theater productions from London’s West End to New York City. From musicals by Andrew Lloyd Webber to Rogers and Hammerstein, Mario Frangoulis has graced the stage of many top venues.

With a strong passion to help, Mario Frangoulis has always had a drive to engage with charitable organizations. He has sung in approximately forty charity galas, such as the Red Cross Annual Ball, held at the Grosvenor House, several galas organized by the Greek foundation Elpida -a charity dedicated to the cure of children who suffer from cancer- and many others. His commitment to making a difference was a perfect match with the World Centers of Compassion for Children.

Please visit www.mariofrangoulis.com, for more information.

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